March 22-23: Mid-Atlantic Summit on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice (Washington, DC)

March 23, 2017

The Mid-Atlantic Summit on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice will provide a timely opportunity for regional partners from around the contiguous states of the Mid-Atlantic region to:

    • Identify local and national best practices for:
      • managing behavioral health
      • reducing incarceration
      • promoting public safety and prosperity
    • Address data needs and communications challenges
    • Align and focus policy reform efforts
    • Prioritize necessary course corrections
    • Promote bold state and local targets for reform

At this event, mid-Atlantic communities and agencies will present work in progress, build and solidify broad support for coordinated efforts to overcome common barriers, and situate their community-based behavioral health and criminal justice reform initiatives on a shared roadmap to a healthier, equitable and sustainably prosperous nation.

National Association of Counties, 660 North Capitol Street NW, Level 1 Conference Center, Washington, DC 20001

CMN will be present for both days of the Summit. For more information and to register, please click here.