Call to Action: Arkansas’s Plan to Execute 8 Men in 10 Days

March 17, 2017

The grave matter of Governor Hutchinson’s plan to execute 8 men in 10 days in April demands swift and forceful action.  These executions are cruel and unnecessary.

This hasty action is being done to beat the April 30th expiration date of the drug needed for lethal injection in Arkansas. A drug’s expiration date should not be the contingent factor for the expedited execution of these 8 men. Arkansas has not executed anyone since 2005.  There is no way this unprecedented number of executions can be carried out without complications.

The cost of the death penalty far exceeds the cost of  life in prison. These funds should be directed towards assisting victims, repairing harm, improving security and addressing issues that lead people to commit crimes.  The death penalty does not serve as a deterrent for crime. A recent study showed that 88% of criminologists have overwhelmingly concluded this fact. The death penalty also condemns innocent persons to death. Since 1973, 157 people have been exonerated from death row because they were actually innocent of the crime which put them there.

Executing these 8 men will not make our society safer, nor will it heal the harm done to the victim’s families or our communities.The Church is very clear: when the means to protect society are available, the death penalty is not to be used. In Arkansas, those sufficient means are in fact available. In fact, the 8 men scheduled for execution were sentenced well before 2000 and since then, there has been no incident indicating them as a serious threat to society. The execution of these 8 men would be immoral. This unjust and immoral execution-marathon demands our attention and public outcry.

CMN is asking everyone to voice your opposition to Governor Hutchinson’s actions.  Please call his office and, or, send a letter to him directly expressing your strong opposition to this cruel and unnecessary action. We are all called to make our voices heard.

Phone Number: (501) 682-2345

Address:   Governor Asa Hutchinson

                     State Capitol Room 250

                    500 Woodland Ave.

                    Little Rock, AR 72201

The following are a few bullet points for your communication with him:

  • Gov. Hutchinson, do not kill these 8 men in my name.  We have the means to protect society with life without parole. Killing to teach people that killing is not the right message for our society.
  • Gov. Hutchinson, as an Arkansas taxpayer, do not spend our state tax dollars executing these 8 men.  This will not bring about economic prosperity for Arkansas.
  • Gov. Hutchinson, do not act in haste to execute a man who has not been proven to be the triggerman.  Do you really want to execute somebody who perhaps did not commit the crime?
  • Arkansas has not had an execution since 2005.  We will not be any safer with these men’s death.  We will have just created more victim’s family members.
  • Governor Hutchinson, your actions represent an attack on the value and dignity of human life.

Click here to see the urgent appeal sent by Bishop Anthony B Taylor of the Diocese of Little Rock calling for Governor Hutchinson to stop these 8 executions.