Living on Death Row: A Personal Testimony

September 22, 2011

By Charles “Chucky” Mamou, Jr. and Sister Margaret Bulmer

My name is Charles “Chucky” Mamou, Jr., and it is an honor and pleasure to be allowed to share my thoughts and views with you all. I sincerely thank you all and Sister Margaret for this opportunity. . . . Having been born, raised and reared in a Catholic home environment. I knew of God. It was just my prodigality that kept me from accepting the God that I knew to be. But at the moment on that warm and sunny November day when my mind dared my will to fight never mind the fact I was shackled from my ankles to my waist and from my waist to my box-up hands, my body was at peace, if that makes sense. I’ve come to believe, that at the moment I experienced the “comfort” that Jesus spoke about. It’s the only logical explanation, I’ve concluded, that makes sense of how I was able to control myself when I was constantly stripped nude, mocked and ridiculed, and threatened by the officers daily.

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