Sisters of St. Anne, Marlborough, Massachusetts

August 25, 2011

Death Penalty Statement

Compelled by the Gospel message and challenged by our Foundress, Marie Esther Blondin,* whose vision mandates us to bring all to the fullness of life, we, the Sisters of Saint Anne of the United States oppose the death penalty. On March 12, 1989, we assembled as a community to finalize a corporate stance on this issue. In the context of prayer and dialogue, it became evident to us that the death penalty violates the teaching and spirit of Jesus Christ. We recognize capital punishment as inhumane, irreversible, and inequitable. It is a violent and superficial solution to complex social problems. In its place we affirm restitution, reconciliation, nonviolence, aid to victims, and improvement of social conditions.

*As of April 29, 2001: Blessed Marie Anne Blondin