Sr. Ilaria Buonriposi, CMS

October 11, 2011

Sr. Ilaria BuonriposiLatino Outreach

Sr. Ilaria Buonriposi is an Italian Comboni Missionary Sister.  After graduating in Social Work at the  Universidad Pontificia Comillas (the Jesuits’ University in Madrid, Spain), she ministered for 17 years in Peru and Colombia in different areas. In Peru she had been organizing communities and educating women for the Diocese of Lurin, and running a diocesan microcredit program to eradicate poverty em­powering people living below the poverty line.  In Colombia she worked with street children in a con­flict zone.

Extreme poverty and unjustified and indiscriminate violence deny the human dignity of most of the people with whom she lived. The apparent clash between the reality around her and God’s plan of full­ness of life for all, prompted her to deepen and strengthen her roots on the meaning of human dignity from the perspective of God, pursuing a Master Degree in Catholic Social Teaching by the Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria of Arequipa, Peru.

Currently, she represents her religious congregation at the United Nations and collaborates with Cathol­ic Mobilizing Network.  The many years spent in South America and the passion Sr. Ilaria has for this continent became linguistically and culturally part of herself, making her suitable for advocacy with Hispanic people.