Now I Walk on Death Row

October 14, 2011

By Dale Recinella and Dr. Susan Ward Recinella

As chaplain for the state of Florida’s death row, Dale Recinella draws from a wealth of experiences to share his personal story of vocation as he responded to a call from God to move from Wall Street to prison and from business to ministry. Dr. Susan Recinella shares about her own call to assist in this ministry by working, praying and journeying with the families of those condemned to death. Their stories invite everyone who hears them to consider their own discipleship call, recognize their perspectives on the death penalty and invite a deeper relationship of prayer and action in the light of the Gospel and the power of God.

Listen to a version of Dale’s “Now I Walk on Death Row” talk on his speaker page.

Listen to Susan’s presentation on her ministry to the families of death row inmates on her speaker page.

Here is a sample of Dale and Susan responding to questions after making a presentation at Mount Saint Mary University in 2011: