Battling the Erroneous Use of Scripture to Support U.S. Executions

May 13, 2012

On Thursday evening May 3, noted death-row chaplain, author, and CMN speaker Dale Recinella addressed the annual meeting of the New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty with a keynote address on how passages from the Bible are often misused in support of the death penalty and how Catholics other Christians, and other people of good will are called to respond to these errors.

The event, which capped off a week of presentations at churches and church schools around the state, was held at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute for Politics, a site of the presidential primary debates in 2008. Saint Anselm’s is a college in the Benedictine tradition.

Recinella, a Florida lawyer, is a Catholic Correctional Chaplain handling cell-front and deathwatch ministry on Florida’s death row which is the second largest in the United States.