Reflections on Dead Man Walking

September 24, 2011

Sister Prejean’s presentation chronicles the remarkable chain of events which led her to become a death row counselor. Her efforts have led to her nomination this year for a Nobel Peace Prize.

In the wake of the film, Dead Man Walking, Sister Prejean’s days have been filled with a barrage of media and speaking requests. “God’s providence works through the people sent into your life. God sends you the people you need,” she says and that includes actress Susan Sarandon and director Tim Robbins, who provided her with the visibility to share her thoughts on the death penalty.

Prejean, Helen, CSJ, and Lucille Sarrat. Reflections on Dead Man Walking. Plainfield, New Jersey: Renew International, 2000.

ISBN 0764805649

Visit Viterbo University’s website to learn more about the book and the presentation from which it stemmed.

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