Promoting a Culture of Life in Colorado

March 16, 2013

By Jennifer Kraska,
Executive Director of the Colorado Catholic Conference
– March 18, 2013 –

This year, the Colorado Legislature will have the opportunity to debate a piece of legislation that would abolish the death penalty. The Colorado Catholic Conference believes in respect for the sanctity of all human life and therefore opposes the use of capital punishment in our state. The Church’s assessment of capital punishment is not an avoidance of justice; the Church grieves for the victims of murder and the horrific suffering of their families. We know that serious punishment is needed to serve justice and to ensure the safety of our communities, but as Archbishop Chaput once remarked: “Catholic teaching on the death penalty does involve … a call to set aside unnecessary violence, including violence by the state, and in the name of human dignity build a culture of life.”

It is my sincere hope that the legislators of Colorado will work to bring about the end of the death penalty in Colorado by passing legislation that seeks to abolish the use of the death penalty in Colorado. In developed countries like our own, the death penalty should have no place in our public life, and as a society seeking to build a culture of life we should never be in a hurry to take anyone’s life. I would encourage all Catholics and people of good will to help Colorado become the next state to abolish the death penalty.

This week, Archbishop Samual Aquila wrote about our fervent opposition to the death penalty.

To read more about what is happening in Colorado regarding this issue please visit the Colorado Catholic Conference website and sign-up to become a part of our legislative network.

This article first appeared in CMN’s March 2013 newsletter.