Maryland Formally Ends the Death Penalty

May 2, 2013

– May 2, 2013 –

With the stroke of Governor O’Malley’s pen, Maryland today became the sixth state in as many years to end the death penalty. Maryland’s effort is the latest success in a growing national movement recognizing that a badly broken system of retribution is not the answer to violent crime, nor is it what victims’ families want. Bringing the death penalty to an end in Maryland was made possible through the efforts of thousands, including the work of Catholics in the state, led by the Catholic Conference of Maryland and Archbishop William Lori. These episcopal leaders were assisted in these efforts by the work of the Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Use of the Death Penalty, Maryland Citizens Against State Executions, Equal Justice USA, and many others.

Ending Maryland’s death penalty was a particularly personal goal for CMN’s Vicki Scheiber, who lost her daughter, Shannon – who was raised in Maryland – to a brutal murder in 2002. Vicki has worked tirelessly to see her home state end the use of the death penalty, speaking at numerous community and parish events, meeting with key legislators, and speaking at rallies.

CMN continues to work with Catholic and other organizations in key states throughout the country to empower and educate Catholics and other people of good will on this important pro-life issue.