CMN Matching Grant Encourages $50K Sustaining Members Drive

September 16, 2013


Good news! Right now, every dollar donated by an individual supporter will be matched by CSJ ministries. So $5 becomes $10. $50 becomes $100. $500 becomes $1000. Please click here now to help the Catholic Mobilizing Network thrive!

– September 17, 2013 –

Our major sponsor, the Congregation of St. Joseph, has challenged CMN to become more self-sustaining so that we can provide even more effective resources and leadership to Catholics working to respect life by ending the death penalty.

We’ve set a goal: $50,000 & 100 Sustaining Members by December 31st!

To help CMN build a base of individual and parish level support, the Congregation of St Joseph Ministries has offered us a matching challenge grant of $50,000. In order to receive this money, we must raise $50,000 from individuals and allies by the end of December in order to put that full $100,000 to use in 2014.

As part of this effort, we want to build a sustaining network of more than 100 monthly donors who each give at least $5 every month. We have exactly one monthly donor today – a friend who last month signed up to give $35 every month! Here’s what Deacon Rob wrote when he told us why he decided to make CMN a part of his tithe every month:

I’m simply someone who recognizes the dignity of all human beings no matter who they are or what they have done. The death penalty is a definite “life” issue that many pro-life persons do not consider. Our faith teaches us that restorative justice is what we should all strive for. It brings us back into proper relation with each other. I contribute to the Catholic Mobilizing Network to help inform people about the injustice of the death penalty and to do what we as Catholics are called to do: Engage in the effort to change public policy so that all life is respected.

The campaign has already taken off! As of this morning, we’ve raised nearly 2% of our goal from individuals who have given anywhere from $5 to $300. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s only a prelude to today, when we officially launch this campaign.

 If each person touched by the Catholic Mobilizing Network decides that our work is of such value in moving forward the agenda of the Church, we will hit our goal, and more! So CMN is asking for a portion of your tithe. Here are some of the ways you can participate:

  • Plan now to make a special personal or family gift toward this campaign before the end of the year.
  • Today, become a CMN Sustainer by committing to a monthly contribution. Think of it as if the collection plate is coming around while you are at Mass. What will you put in the plate? All you have to do is click here, and check the box indicating that you want to make a recurring contribution. It’s that simple.
  • Ask if it is possible to take up a special collection during Respect Life Month, and split that collection between CMN and the main anti-death penalty organization in your state if your state has the death penalty.
  • Ask your Priest to write a check to CMN (or give online) from his discretionary fund.
  • Ask others to join you in supporting CMN. When you make your contribution online, you will receive the tools to send e-mails to your friends, family, and colleagues, and to post about the campaign using Twitter and Facebook.
  • Donate stock.

CMN must rise to the challenge to demonstrate itself as a sustainable entity. With your help, we can do this, and thus secure the future of Catholic leadership in the movement to end the use of the death penalty in the United States. We’ll update you on our progress regularly. Thank you!


This article first appeared in CMN’s September 2013 Newsletter.