Christmas Cards Designed on Death Row Support the Poor

October 12, 2013

christmas card image 2Six years ago, David Paul Hammer spent his 50th birthday in a room with four cement walls, one door and a food slot. For presents, he received a chocolate cupcake and a watch. Once, Hammer was a drug user and a thief. In April 1996, he took another man’s life. Today, he’s a paralegal and an artist and in a federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. For the past 14 years, Hammer and another death row inmate, have been putting their art skills to use, designing Christmas cards to raise money for children in need. Cherish Life Circle Director Sr. Camille D’Arienzo manages the program. Read “The Christmas Cards That Helped Save A Life” for the full story on how the Christmas cards came to be.

To view samples of the cards on an order form, contact Mercy Sister Camille D’Arienzo at