Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies and CMN Sponsor Conference

November 11, 2013


CMN Executive Director Karen Clifton moderates the first of two panels at CMN’s “Where Justice and Mercy Meet” sponsored by Catholic University’s Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies. The panel featured Dr. Timothy Wolfe and Vicki Schieber (speaking on behalf of Dr. Trudy Conway), of Mount St. Mary’s University, and Dr. Alejando Canadas, of the Catholic University of America.

– November 15, 2013 –

Experts and advocates presented to more than 150 attendees at “Where Justice and Mercy Meet: Catholic Opposition to the Death penalty,” sponsored by CMN and Catholic University’s Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, Saturday, November 9.  Dozens more streamed online throughout the day – asking questions via Twitter and Facebook. Keynote addresses from author Sr. Helen Prejean and advocate Vicki Schieber highlighted the voice of those of death row and the voices of victims’ family members. Lively panel discussions highlighted the moral and theological reasons, as well as the practical reasons, for ending the death penalty. The filmed panel presentation will be posted on the IPR blog.

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This article was first featured in the November 2013 CMN Newsletter.