Update from Sister Helen: Never Leap Ahead of Grace

March 14, 2014

by Melissa Casanova, Special Projects Intern at DePaul University

– March 14, 2014 – helen-and-dalai-lama

On March 1, Sister Helen Prejean shared her story with nearly 2,000 attendees at the Noble Peace Prize Forum’s Faith and Peace Day in Minneapolis. “Charity will never be enough, it must be about justice,” she noted, going on to talk about her own spiritual awakening to the teachings of Jesus. “Never leap ahead of grace,” she cautioned. “When grace comes, go with it.”

The 26th annual forum was attended by social activists, educators, and students from around the world. Morning attendees, including many native Tibetans, greeted His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, who was the Nobel Laureate keynote speaker of the day.

The Forum featured workshops on various topics, including a panel on the death penalty called “The Fight for Justice, Fairness, and Change.” Attendees also had the opportunity to view a screening of the Dead Man Walkingfilm.

Accompanied by Ministry Against the Death Penalty staff from New Orleans and Chicago, Sr. Helen had the opportunity to meet many of her inspired supporters who are committed to abolishing the death penalty. Her speech below begins at the 29:02 mark.

This resource first appeared in CMN’s March 2014 Newsletter.