CMN Urges Pharmacy Association to Ban Members From Participating in Executions

May 14, 2014

Execution Gurney– May 16, 2014 –

CMN, along with more than two dozen other Catholic congregations and organizations, has sent a letter to the American Pharmacists Association requesting that the organization ban its members from participating in executions. In a letter sent to President Matthew Osterhaus, CMN urges the non-profit membership organization to “ban APhA members from participation in executions in any way as pharmacists.” In the letter, CMN explains, “As Catholic people of faith, we ask that you not only consider the ethical codes breeched when pharmacists use their training and tools to facilitate state-sponsored killings, but also consider the profound moral codes that call upon all of us to respect the sacred dignity of every God-given human life.” For a copy of the final letter, co-signed by 30 organizations and Catholic leaders, email CMN at

This article first appeared in the CMN May 2014 Newsletter.