‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words’

July 15, 2014


A sample of one of the images created by John August Swanson for the use of CMN advocates.

CMN Teams with Artist to Provide Promotional Posters

Want to convert hearts and minds without saying a word?

Join artist John August Swanson and CMN in using beautiful visual arts to end the use of the death penalty. Swanson has donated the rights to use four poster designs he created to support ending the use of the death penalty.  Each poster features an image from his artwork depicting the Crucifixion of Christ.  These posters give people “food for thought” – making the connection that Jesus himself suffered state-sanctioned execution. They also serve as a reminder of Jesus’ forgiveness, and his message of non-violence.

Consider hanging these posters in your parish gathering spaces, schools, or youth group meeting rooms, or offer them as a give-away at a special event.

Posters may be ordered by contacting CMN at info@catholicsmobilizing.org or by phone at (202) 541-5290.  For California residents: Javier Stauring in California will also be distributing posters from his office with a mailing option to other Californians. Javier can be contacted at insidecjh@aol.com or (213) 438-4820. For questions regarding customizing posters for state campaigns, please contact the CMN office.

Click below for low resolution versions of the complete posters. When ordering posters, please be sure to specify which poster(s) you would like using the poster names found in the captions of the low resolution images.


This resource was first featured in CMN’s July 2014 newsletter.