Mount Saint Mary’s Offers ‘Forgiveness and Mercy’ Course

July 12, 2014


Students from the Mount Saint Mary University “Forgiveness and Mercy” course with teachers Dr. Trudy Conway (sixth from right) and CMN speaker Vicki Schieber (second from right). Click the image to see a larger version.

Last spring at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Md., Dr. Trudy Conway and CMN’s Education Coordinator, Vicki Schieber, once again led the course, “Forgiveness and Mercy” through the university’s Philosophy Department.

This popular class offers students an opportunity to explore the nature and role of forgiveness and mercy drawing on the philosophical works of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and a number of contemporary philosophers and theologians. The course was supplemented by studying several literary explorations of forgiveness and mercy.

Many of the students in this class also had previously taken the interdisciplinary course, “Perspectives on the Death Penalty,” which has been offered at the Mount in the Fall semester for three years, and will be again be offered this fall. The “Perspectives” course studies the death penalty through an analysis of philosophical, theological, political and historical texts, and offers a critical examination of arguments regarding the current practice of the death penalty in contemporary American society. It also includes a segment emphasizing Catholic social teaching on the death penalty. This course is also taught by Dr. Conway and Schieber.

Several students in these courses at the Mount also applied for student internships, gaining course credits for the learning experiences related to the content of the curriculum. The interns’ projects have contributed major additions to our CMN website, including work on the Scavenger Hunts offered as part of our curriculum resources, as well as significant content for our Death Penalty Legislative Talking Points.

This article first appeared in CMN’s July 2014 newsletter.