New Lenten Resources

March 6, 2015

CMN has developed some useful Lenten resources for personal, parish, community and institutional use that invite us to reflect on the sin of capital punishment and how we can achieve the goal of ending the use of the death penalty. We invite you to make use of these resources and to distribute them widely. We are all working to promote the sanctity of all life in Lent.

2015 Lenten Reflections

This Lent, CMN invites you to join us in reflecting on repentance and renewal. We hope you will share these reflections through your bulletin, websites, with family, your Bible study group, your pastor and deacons.  Reflections will be emailed to our supporters and will also be available on our website.

Where Justice & Mercy Meet – A Retreat Experience for Teens

This retreat introduces high school-age youth to basic concepts and ideas of Catholic Church teaching as it relates to the death penalty, restorative justice, mercy and forgiveness. It is detailed to help facilitators with minimal previous knowledge of the material become comfortable leading discussions and sharing information….MORE

One Act Play “Nuestra Señora De La Vida”

“Nuestra Señora de la Vida,” written by Petra Alexander, is a Spanish language monologue which is a perfect tool to open up dialogue about life issues from the perspective of a young Latino American. You can request a copy of the script by calling (202) 541-5290 or E-Mail CMN. El propósito de esta pieza de teatro es abrir… MORE


High School Study Guide for “Where Justice and Mercy Meet”

Are you looking to add the death penalty issue to your high school curriculum? This free study guide created by Rochelle Hubbard contains everything from discussion questions to homework assignments to accompany our award winning book “Where Justice and Mercy Meet”. Click here to view the study guide and download it for free. Are you… MORE


Lenten Family Day Workshop

CMN is proud to introduce a brand new Lenten Family Day Workshop created by Mae Richardson. Through the themes of prayer, fasting and almsgiving activities, family units can choose specific and concrete ways to address issues of Justice, mercy and faith on a daily basis throughout the Church’s season of Lent. This one to two… MORE


A Good Friday Reflection to End the Use of the Death Penalty

On this Good Friday, a day when we recall our Savior’s own execution, we appeal to all people of good-will, and especially Catholics, to work to end the death penalty. – Pope John Paul II, 1999 This brochure—suitable for printing and distribution—offers reflections on the death penalty for Good Friday, an update on progress to end… MORE


“Sister Spirit,” A One Act Play

This inspiring one act play, created by Mimi Gisolfi DʼAponte, is based on the true story of  Sister Marion Defeis’ experiences as a prison chaplain at Rikers Island Correctional Facility in New York and her work to reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws. The Catholic Mobilizing Network has received permission from author Mimi Gisolfi DʼAponte to make the script… MORE


A Prayer to End the Death Penalty

Merciful Father, we ask your blessing on all we do to build a culture of life. Hear our prayers for those impacted by the death penalty. We pray for all people, that their lives and dignity as children of a loving God may be respected and protected in all stages and circumstances. We pray for… MORE