Solitary Confinement Resource

May 18, 2015

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Solitary confinement impacts roughly 80,000 individuals every day in our country but many of us know very little about what solitary confinement actually entails. CMN’s new teaching resource provides an overview of the solitary confinement issue, the mental health repercussions of solitary confinement, and our Church’s teaching on the issue.


Visit to view the web resource. The page is mobile friendly so you can view it from your phone or tablet.

Solitary cell replica-3

A solitary confinement cell replica

CMN’s solitary confinement web resource can be used as a stand-alone resource or can be used as the perfect accompaniment to a solitary confinement cell replica.

The cell replica is a life-size model complete with sound and lights that recreates the experience of being in solitary confinement. CMN provides accompanying resources to guide reflection for participants as well as provide information for facilitators. If you are interested in hosting a replica of a solitary confinement cell at a conference or other event, please contact CMN for more details.

A sample handout for participants can be downloaded below.

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