Champions for Life and Dignity in Virginia

Champions for Life and Dignity in Virginia

Last month, people of faith, including hundreds of women religious, mobilized to take a stand against the death penalty in Virginia. There were two big issues at stake both involving the practice of executions. First, The Virginia General Assembly voted... MORE

The Death Penalty and the Throwaway Culture

By Jeff Caruso, Director of the Virginia Catholic Conference “Pope Francis is calling for a change in hearts, not a change in Church teaching. He’s urging us to embrace the hope that allows us to work toward ending executions, just... MORE

Bishops’ Statement on Death Penalty Debate in Virginia

Bishops’ Statement on Death Penalty Debate in Virginia

May 6, 2015 To build a culture of life we must respect the sanctity of even“unlovable” lives Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo and Bishop Paul S. Loverde issued the following statement: This year, through the advocacy of the Virginia Catholic Conference,... MORE

Virginia Death Penalty Update

Virginia Death Penalty Update

By Virginia Podboy, Associate Director, Virginia Catholic Conference – April 15, 2015 – The Virginia Catholic Conference and fellow Virginia death penalty abolition groups were optimistic when the American Bar Association (ABA) released results from a two-year study on fairness... MORE

VADP Works to End Virginia's 'Disturbing Legacy'

VADP Works to End Virginia’s ‘Disturbing Legacy’

By Stephen Northup, Esq., Executive Director, Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty – April 15, 2014 – Virginia has a long and dark history with the death penalty. The first execution in the New World took place in Virginia... MORE

Asuntos para conversar con los legisladores

Respondiendo al pedido de algunos estados, CMN ha preparado para cada uno de ellos un folleto con la doctrina social de la Iglesia sobre la pena de muerte e informaciones específicas del estado mismo. Estos panfletos están diseñados especialmente para... MORE

Death Penalty State Talking Points

In response to requests from key states, CMN has drafted State Specific Talking Points, brief one page information sheets that share Catholic teaching and state-specific information on the death penalty. These are designed to educate Catholics attending diocesan or parish advocacy days... MORE

Trusting In God's Plan

Trusting In God’s Plan

By Terri Steinberg, Mother of Virginia Death Row Inmate Justin Wolfe I knew that we had a death penalty in this country, but being a busy mom, I never did anything about it or gave it much thought. I was... MORE

A Narrow Escape . . . yet Again

By Jeff Caruso Virginia Catholic Conference March 15, 2012 – Currently under Virginia law, with few exceptions, only the actual perpetrator of a capital murder (the “triggerman”) is eligible for the death penalty. However, legislation threatening to eliminate this “triggerman rule,”... MORE

Building Capacity and Expanding Our Base

Building Capacity and Expanding Our Base

By Michael Stone, NCADP Virginia Campaign Coordinator March 15, 2012 – Thanks to a generous grant from the European Union (EU), the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP) was able to hire two full-time organizers to help build the... MORE