From 1859 to 1967, the state of Colorado killed 101 people via capital punishment. Hanging was the sole method of execution until replaced by the gas chamber in 1934. Today, lethal injection is the sole method of execution.

Colorado’s use of the death penalty since reinstatement in 1975 has been sparse. Gary Davis was the first and only person executed since that time, in 1997. There are currently three people on death row. In 2009, a vote to redirect the funds for capital punishment failed to pass by only one vote in the House.

The Governor of Colorado has a sole right to pardon or commute the death sentence. As of 2011 no gubernatorial commutation of a living prisoner has been granted in Colorado.

CMN State Spotlight- March 2013
“The Colorado Catholic Conference believes in respect for the sanctity of all human life and therefore opposes the use of capital punishment in our state.”

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CMN State Spotlight – July 2011
“Repeal states: New Mexico, 2009; Illinois, 2011; Colorado … 2013? It’s certainly possible.”

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