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Join the Nebraska Catholic Church and
Vote RETAIN on Referendum 426

Nebraska Catholic Commercial to Retain 426

Read CMN Nebraska’s press release from October 21, 2016 here.

Resource Spotlight:

Nebraska’s Catholic bishops have definitively stated that the death penalty is not needed to keep Nebraskans safe. Share these resources with your faith communities to help them learn more and to encourage a vote of RETAIN on Referendum 426.

Upcoming Events:

  • Catholic Voices against the Death Penalty

    CMN is partnering with the Nebraska Catholic Conference and each Nebraska diocese to host an event at the local Cathedral.

    • October 24th in Omaha
    • October 25th in Grand Island
    • October 26th in Lincoln

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Fast Facts

Close to 40 people have been executed in Nebraska, 3 of whom were killed after reinstatement. At least two of the 40 were later found to likely be innocent. Nebraska was the last state to adopt lethal injection, using electrocution until 2008.


In 2015, the Nebraska state legislature abolished the death penalty, cutting across party lines to override the governor’s veto, and becoming the nineteenth U.S. state to abolish capital punishment. Currently, ten prisoners remain on Nebraska’s death row.

Threats to Repeal

Though the Nebraska Unicameral repealed the death penalty in May 2015, Nebraskans will now vote about this decision on November 8th. A vote for RETAIN keeps the death penalty out of Nebraska. CMN Nebraska urges you to join Nebraska’s Catholic bishops and vote RETAIN on Referendum 426. As people of life and mercy, Catholics know that the death penalty is no longer needed to keep society safe.




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