Catholic Mobilizing Network educates English and Spanish speaking Catholics on the Church’s teaching about ending use of the death penalty and restorative justice. Click here to view our online resource catalogue  and download  our free educational materials for adults, youth, and family. As well as providing age appropriate curriculum, CMN also offers a selection of arts and media resources, publications and workshops.

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These resources are developed for inter-generational gatherings and are designed to be used by schools and parishes to engage the whole family. Our resources are child friendly and focus on learning about Church’s teaching on the themes of restorative justice and human dignity. Receive your free materials today and start engaging children, teens, parents, grandparents in reflections and… MORE


Are you searching for creative ways to present the Catholic perspective on ending the use of the death penalty?  Browse CMN’s collection of arts and media resources including posters and one act plays here. These resources are perfect for use in schools and parishes.


Junior High School resources are intended to help teachers, pastors or youth/campus ministers lead young teens (aka “tweens” roughly ages 11 through 13/in grades 5-8) in age-appropriate discussions about the death penalty. The Catholic Mobilizing Network welcomes educator feedback on these materials, as well as submission of self-created lesson plans for consideration for inclusion in this section…. MORE


College Curriculum resources are intended to help teachers, pastors or youth/campus ministers lead college students and other young adults in age-appropriate discussions about the death penalty. Adult Education Curriculum resources are intended to help pastors, adult religious education instructors and other teachers of adults to lead age-appropriate discussions about the death penalty issues. The Catholic Mobilizing… MORE


CMN podcasts are now available on our website and through iTunes! Our Spanish language podcasts “Quien defiende la vida está en contra de la pena de muerte” feature Sr. Ilaria Buonriposi, CMS as well as a selection of guest speakers and are featured on over 150 Spanish speaking radio stations. New: Keep an eye out for our brand new series… MORE


The Catholic Mobilizing Network offers access to quality publications to help inform and educate the Catholic community in efforts to bring the death penalty in the United States to an end. All of the publications below are of the highest quality and thoroughly reflect authoritative Catholic teaching. They can be used in high schools and… MORE


The following workshops are designed to be conducted in parishes, classrooms, youth groups, or with any group wishing to explore their faith and the death penalty. Our workshops are free to use, and we encourage you to spread them far and wide. However, we do ask that you consider making a contribution for their use, so… MORE