In response to our Church's call, I pledge to educate, advocate, and pray for an end to the death penalty.

  • I will educate myself and my community about the injustices of the death penalty, including the ways it risks innocent life, fails victims’ families, and contradicts the Catholic Church’s pro-life teaching.

  • I will advocate for the dignity of all life, including those who are on death row and awaiting execution, and actively work to end the death penalty in my state and my country.

  • I will pray for mercy and healing for all who are involved in the criminal justice system: victims of crime and their families, those in prison and on death row, communities where crimes are committed, and all who work in the legislative system.

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God of mercy, help me to remember your loving compassion as I go forward to work for an end to the death penalty. Allow me to be a vessel for your mercy, so as to heal the broken and welcome the outcast. Amen.