Posted Mar 27 2024 |

This joyful proclamation requires us to act in a way that professes the resurrection of the Lord.

Posted Mar 27 2024 |

Women wasted no time in performing acts of loving kindness following Jesus' execution. We are called to learn from their example.

Posted Mar 26 2024 |

In the face of injustice, we are called to stand up and stand by in defense of human life.

Posted Mar 26 2024 |

We are called to gather around the table Jesus has set for us.

Posted Mar 26 2024 |

This movie provides several takeaways that help direct us in our next steps to work for the abolition of the death penalty.

Posted Mar 22 2024 |

How do we hold onto that Palm Sunday exuberance when the going gets tough? That's been a challenge for people of faith from that time until now.

Posted Mar 19 2024 |

St. Joseph demonstrates what it means to be righteous: to choose mercy and compassion over vengeance.

Posted Mar 15 2024 |

This Lent, what aspects of your life might need to make way for new life to begin?

When we model God’s love-based generosity, we will receive new energy for living as God’s agents of personal and societal change.

Posted Mar 07 2024 |

In honor of Catholic Sisters Week 2024, we're highlighting 6 incredible Catholic sisters who are involved in the work of ending the death penalty and promoting restorative justice.

Posted Feb 28 2024 |

How are we being called this Lent to disrupt the injustice all around us?

Posted Feb 23 2024 |

We are called to proclaim the Gospel of life. Even amid destruction.

Posted Feb 16 2024 |

Who are we to take away someone's ability to seek forgiveness?

Posted Feb 13 2024 |

The Gospel calls us to a love that is rooted in relationship. A love that seeks no praise.

artistic drawing of a man praying behind prison bars
Posted Dec 21 2023 |

The humility of a simple prayer from a man on death row reminded me of Mary's response to the Angel Gabriel.

Posted Dec 15 2023 |

Are the calls to "repent" and "rejoice" conflicting? Restorative justice shows us that they rely on one another.

Posted Dec 11 2023 |

Our Indigenous brothers and sisters show us a way to more fully understand the message that Our Lady of Guadalupe gave us nearly 500 years ago. It begins with encounter.

Posted Dec 08 2023 |

There are many different ways to respond to the urgency of preparation this Advent season.

Posted Dec 07 2023 |

Mary's response to the angel Gabriel is an example of courageous trust — even when the future is uncertain.

Posted Dec 01 2023 |

The face of God is revealed all around us, even in places we might not expect. We just have to pay attention.