Young Chris Smith, SJ, with his grandparents; his grandfather, Clarence, was Florence’s son.
Posted Apr 17 2021 |

The great-grandson of a murder victim reflects on his great-grandmother's quiet holiness and mercy.

Statue of the Risen Christ, with the cross on the ground behind him at his feet.
Posted Apr 03 2021 |

Christ is Risen! Alleluia, Alleluia!

Posted Apr 02 2021 |

"This is the night when Jesus takes our wounded hands in his and invites us to paradise."

light streaming through a grove of tall trees
Posted Apr 01 2021 |

We watch love expand on Good Friday, when Jesus offered himself for love’s sake.

Posted Mar 31 2021 |

The near-execution of Billy Neal Moore in 1990 bears resemblances to Jesus’ own torturous journey to crucifixion.

calm sea
Posted Mar 24 2021 |

When the seas we weather get rough, to whom do we turn?

Posted Mar 17 2021 |

It's easy to get so swept up in the “personal savior" narrative of Jesus that we miss entirely his culturally transformative life and value system.

Diverse hands along a tree trunk
Posted Mar 04 2021 |

The second of the two greatest commandments, to love our neighbor as ourselves, amplifies the first, to love God above all things.

Posted Feb 24 2021 |

In the Transfiguration, we see a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom and the redemptive love of Jesus.

Circle of hands grasping one another
Posted Feb 17 2021 |

Amid a pandemic, social upheaval, and political mayhem, can we rediscover our concern and affinity for one another?