Posted Dec 01 2021 |

The sister of a murder victim realized that she had to find closure within herself before she could work to repair the harm that had been done to her.

Single purple candle
Posted Nov 25 2021 |

A death row chaplain and his spiritual advisee discuss the meaning of God's mercy.

Red Cloud Indian School
Posted Nov 23 2021 |

The Catholic Church, in particular, has to play a part in addressing this trauma of the past.

James Dailey military headshot
Posted Nov 10 2021 |

Military veterans are overrepresented on death rows across the U.S. This is unacceptable.

Posted Oct 08 2021 |

This World Day Against the Death Penalty, it is necessary to reflect on the role of trauma in cases like Lisa’s, and how it plays an outsized role in landing people like her on death row. 

Barbed wire fence in front of blue and pink sky
Posted Oct 06 2021 |

In 2008, my older brother Andrew was sentenced to 62 years in prison. But one thing I never had to fear was that his life would be taken by the state in response.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signs Senate Bill 64 into law.
Posted Sep 21 2021 |

By protecting those who participate in restorative processes, the practice can continue to grow in courts, schools, and communities.

Posted Aug 23 2021 |

From working as a mediator to creating spaces for healing and transformation in Catholic communities, Anne Buchanan shares her journey to restorative justice.

prison bars
Posted Jul 28 2021 |

A Catholic sister recalls her visits with Michael Ross before he was put to death in Connecticut's last-ever execution.

The faces of Carlos DeLuna and Carlos Hernandez, side by side
Posted Jul 13 2021 |

"The Phantom" is a new documentary calling into question the aims and ends of our capital punishment system.