Posted Feb 25 2022 |

A defense attorney and victim outreach specialist bring restorative justice to one of the most unlikely places: a death penalty case at the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Posted Feb 04 2022 |

The Synod on Synodality is fundamentally a process of healing and deep listening — not unlike restorative justice. Here are five key lessons from restorative practices that can help foster open and generative sharing throughout the three-year synod.

Hands linked in prayer
Posted Jan 13 2022 |

These grieving parents found new meaning in the Lord's Prayer and its call to forgiveness.

Red Cloud Indian School
Posted Nov 23 2021 |

The Catholic Church, in particular, has to play a part in addressing this trauma of the past.

Barbed wire fence in front of blue and pink sky
Posted Oct 06 2021 |

In 2008, my older brother Andrew was sentenced to 62 years in prison. But one thing I never had to fear was that his life would be taken by the state in response.

prison bars
Posted Jul 28 2021 |

A Catholic sister recalls her visits with Michael Ross before he was put to death in Connecticut's last-ever execution.

The faces of Carlos DeLuna and Carlos Hernandez, side by side
Posted Jul 13 2021 |

"The Phantom" is a new documentary calling into question the aims and ends of our capital punishment system.

Demonstrators protest the death penalty on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court
Posted Jun 29 2021 |

A 1972 Supreme Court case temporarily eradicated the U.S. death penalty. Now it's time to end it for good.

Young Chris Smith, SJ, with his grandparents; his grandfather, Clarence, was Florence’s son.
Posted Apr 17 2021 |

The great-grandson of a murder victim reflects on his great-grandmother's quiet holiness and mercy.

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Posted Jan 08 2021 |

Writing to those in prison is a way to bring healing to places of isolation and loneliness.

Posted Nov 23 2020 |

After participating in CMN's Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity Conference, Ruth Cunnings finds herself imagining restorative justice as a beautiful stained glass window.

Posted Nov 16 2020 |

After accompanying William LeCroy to his death on Sept. 22, Sr. Barbara Battista reflects on Christ's call to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Posted Nov 04 2020 |

An in-prison educational program fosters transformational relationships.

Posted Sep 28 2020 |

The federal government's resumption of executions — led by Attorney General William Barr — runs counter to the Gospel of Life.

Posted Aug 24 2020 |

Catholic sisters in Terre Haute, Indiana respond to the restart of federal executions with faith and action.

Taper candle casting glow on person and paper program at a prayer vigil.
Posted Jul 15 2020 |

If God leaves the door of redemption open to all of us, who are we to close it?

Posted Jul 07 2020 |

"I was eleven years old when my dad was shot and killed during the robbery of our family business."

Posted Jun 16 2020 |

Deacon Robert Vigil reflects on a powerful encounter at Bernalillo County Jail, a facility he has been barred from visiting since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted May 05 2020 |

"When he was released from prison, Dewayne said, 'I have no hate in my heart for what they did to me.'"

Posted Apr 27 2020 |

A 37-year career law enforcement officer learns to oppose capital punishment and begins actively speaking out against the death penalty.