Posted Nov 23 2020 |

After participating in CMN's Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity Conference, Ruth Cunnings finds herself imagining restorative justice as a beautiful stained glass window.

Posted Nov 16 2020 |

After accompanying William LeCroy to his death on Sept. 22, Sr. Barbara Battista reflects on Christ's call to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Posted Nov 04 2020 |

An in-prison educational program fosters transformational relationships.

Posted Sep 28 2020 |

The federal government's resumption of executions — led by Attorney General William Barr — runs counter to the Gospel of Life.

Posted Aug 24 2020 |

Catholic sisters in Terre Haute, Indiana respond to the restart of federal executions with faith and action.

Taper candle casting glow on person and paper program at a prayer vigil.
Posted Jul 15 2020 |

If God leaves the door of redemption open to all of us, who are we to close it?

Posted Jul 07 2020 |

"I was eleven years old when my dad was shot and killed during the robbery of our family business."

Posted Jun 16 2020 |

Deacon Robert Vigil reflects on a powerful encounter at Bernalillo County Jail, a facility he has been barred from visiting since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted May 05 2020 |

"When he was released from prison, Dewayne said, 'I have no hate in my heart for what they did to me.'"

Posted Apr 27 2020 |

A 37-year career law enforcement officer learns to oppose capital punishment and begins actively speaking out against the death penalty.