Posted Jun 16 2020 |

Deacon Robert Vigil reflects on a powerful encounter at Bernalillo County Jail, a facility he has been barred from visiting since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted May 05 2020 |

"When he was released from prison, Dewayne said, 'I have no hate in my heart for what they did to me.'"

Posted Apr 27 2020 |

A 37-year career law enforcement officer learns to oppose capital punishment and begins actively speaking out against the death penalty.

Posted Apr 02 2020 |

If you find yourself searching for a respite from the news during this unsettling time, consider diving into some of CMN's favorite books and movies instead.

Posted Mar 27 2020 |

An artist on Tennessee's death row shares how he collaborated with his fellow inmates to paint the Stations of the Cross.

Posted Jan 06 2020 |

Three conferences on restorative justice have been organized by the students in the Calvin Prison Initiative. Eric Boldiszar – one of these students – shares the faith and inspiration leading him to create these events.

Posted Aug 15 2019 |

Marilyn Shankle-Grant provides a courageous testimony as the mother of a death row inmate.

Chris and his mother, Pilar
Posted May 08 2019 |

In 2000, I entered the Richard P. LeBlanc Unit, a pre-release correctional facility in Beaumont, Texas, and joined a small group in "Bridges To Life."

Posted Jan 12 2018 |

"I am grateful for all those who are Catholic or from other faiths that spoke out for me."

"Just over a year ago our Sisters were murdered in Durant, Mississippi."