Posted Apr 20 2020 |

What do restorative practices have to teach us in the midst of a global pandemic?

Posted Feb 20 2020 |

As the Young Women’s Initiative Coordinator at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation in Chicago, Karlyn Francois shares a story of radical accompaniment within the criminal legal system.

Posted Feb 06 2020 |

A Chicago community meets to "foster diversity in each circle in order to cultivate the moments of both 'Me too' and 'I never knew.'"

Posted Jan 30 2020 |

Linda Showman’s journey towards restorative justice ministry has taken several years and varying forms. Now a Project Consultant in the Office of Prison Ministry at the Archdiocese of Portland, Showman has found ways to invite others in her community into an ethic of restoration.

Posted Nov 04 2019 |

The chair of the Death Penalty Abolition and Restorative Justice issue team of the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative shares how the group built a collective understanding around restorative practices using CMN's small group modules.

Posted Oct 15 2019 |

Sister Helen Prejean, a longtime champion in the abolition movement, recalls an important encounter with racial issues. Sr. Helen is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph. CMN is part of the CSJ Mission Network. 

Posted Sep 25 2019 |

CMN takes part in a delegation to St. Brides Correctional Center in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Posted Aug 26 2019 |

Through a mentorship program and Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA), the Archdiocese of Dubuque is tackling issues of recidivism and addiction, and fostering strong community ties in the process.

Posted Jul 31 2019 |

Tracey Tynan, Executive Director at Thrive For Life Prison Project, describes the spiritual growth and relationship building taking place within Thrive's ministry.

Posted Jun 20 2019 |

Steve Kaneb recalls his journey within the anti-death penalty movement. From a new supporter to a respected advocate, Steve's story is one that illustrates a patience for change. He also demonstrates that the best celebration is moving towards the next challenge.