collage of catholic sisters
Posted Mar 08 2023 |

In honor of #CatholicSistersWeek, we're shining a spotlight on women religious who are transforming the criminal legal system.

people converse over coffee
Posted Jan 30 2023 |

In conversations with others, how do we 'do justice' to restorative justice?

Man stands in front of doorway that reads in Spanish "the man enters, the crime stays outside."
Posted Jan 20 2023 |

A filmmaker visits a Brazilian prison where the incarcerated hold the keys to their own cells — and to their futures.

Map of the U.S. with pins marking CMN travels
Posted Oct 24 2022 |

Did you cross paths with CMN this summer or fall? Here are all the places you might have seen us.

Person signs the "national Catholic pledge to end the death penalty"
Posted Oct 14 2022 |

Catholic Mobilizing Network demonstrates what Catholic anti-death penalty witness looks like in practice, in accordance with Pope Francis’ call.

people gather in a circle
Posted Sep 26 2022 |

There is a dire need to serve this community with restorative ministries that are culturally competent, evidence-based, and trauma informed.

priest preaching to congregation
Posted Sep 09 2022 |

I do not devote my entire homilies to the subject of the death penalty, but whenever the opportunity arises, I mention it. It is my hope that I convey to my parishioners that the death penalty is wrong in many ways — not only in the official teachings of the Catholic Church, but in the scriptures themselves, particularly in the teachings of Jesus.

sculpture of people forced into slavery, connected by chains

The work of racial justice requires that we all bring our unique gifts, talents, and experiences to the table.

"The Women of PBMR" Woman in lotus position above field of flowers. With other figures of people and hearts.
Posted May 06 2022 |

A group of mothers who have lost children to crime, violence, or incarceration journeys together on the path of healing.

James Dailey military headshot
Posted Nov 10 2021 |

Military veterans are overrepresented on death rows across the U.S. This is unacceptable.

Posted Oct 08 2021 |

This World Day Against the Death Penalty, it is necessary to reflect on the role of trauma in cases like Lisa’s, and how it plays an outsized role in landing people like her on death row. 

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signs Senate Bill 64 into law.
Posted Sep 21 2021 |

By protecting those who participate in restorative processes, the practice can continue to grow in courts, schools, and communities.

Posted Aug 23 2021 |

From working as a mediator to creating spaces for healing and transformation in Catholic communities, Anne Buchanan shares her journey to restorative justice.

Our Lady of the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Baden, Missouri
Posted Jun 14 2021 |

With time, care, and creativity, restorative circles helped one Missouri parish build community and enrich its ministries.

Computer on desk with screen that says "Restorative Arlington"
Posted May 27 2021 |

And how can more municipalities and counties become one?

Silhouette of people climbing up a hill
Posted May 12 2021 |

Faith communities played a pivotal role in Virginia's historic death penalty repeal. Here's how.

Photo of Frank Campbell, the only known GU272 ancestor captured on photograph.
Posted Feb 09 2021 |

Nearly 200 years after Georgetown University profited from the sale of 272 enslaved men, women, and children, one of their descendants examines the need for reconciliation and healing.

Posted Oct 07 2020 |

Jesus has a unique way of reaching each of us.

Posted Sep 16 2020 |

Get to know the Restorative Justice Network of Catholic Campuses — an organization cultivating restorative principles within Catholic colleges and universities nationwide.

Posted Jul 28 2020 |

No matter where you sit, opportunities to proclaim the dignity inherent in each human person exist — even abound — through creativity and the Holy Spirit.