Statue of the Risen Christ, with the cross on the ground behind him at his feet.
Posted Apr 03 2021 |

Christ is Risen! Alleluia, Alleluia!

Posted Apr 02 2021 |

"This is the night when Jesus takes our wounded hands in his and invites us to paradise."

light streaming through a grove of tall trees
Posted Apr 01 2021 |

We watch love expand on Good Friday, when Jesus offered himself for love’s sake.

Posted Mar 31 2021 |

The near-execution of Billy Neal Moore in 1990 bears resemblances to Jesus’ own torturous journey to crucifixion.

calm sea
Posted Mar 24 2021 |

When the seas we weather get rough, to whom do we turn?

Posted Mar 17 2021 |

As a founding member of the Congregation of St. Joseph Mission Network, Catholic Mobilizing Network finds hope and guidance in Saint Joseph's powerful, though wordless, example.

Posted Mar 17 2021 |

It's easy to get so swept up in the “personal savior" narrative of Jesus that we miss entirely his culturally transformative life and value system.

Desert sands with person standing on horizon
Posted Mar 10 2021 |

What if our criminal legal system mirrored God's merciful and redeeming love?

Diverse hands along a tree trunk
Posted Mar 04 2021 |

The second of the two greatest commandments, to love our neighbor as ourselves, amplifies the first, to love God above all things.

Posted Feb 24 2021 |

In the Transfiguration, we see a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom and the redemptive love of Jesus.