Light coming into dark cave

Jesus’ resurrection offers us the hope of new life.

Posted Apr 08 2023 |

Mary Magdalene shows us how to proclaim Jesus' message of reconciliation and healing — even when we're afraid.

Wooden crucifix with light beaming from one corner
Posted Apr 07 2023 |

The violence of capital punishment does not have the final word — even on Good Friday.

Posted Apr 05 2023 |

On the first Holy Thursday, Jesus invited his human, fallible followers to sit at his table — and he does the same for us today.

person folding cross out of palm leaf
Posted Mar 31 2023 |

Even as the victim of state-sanctioned killing, Jesus exemplified a self-emptying love that we are called to mirror.

Statue of Jesus with water dripping down his face
Posted Mar 24 2023 |

God is not indifferent to suffering, he mourns in the depths of our pain.

man sawing wood
Posted Mar 17 2023 |

Just as he once held Jesus, St. Joseph carries the hurts and hopes of our wayward world.

drawing of man crouched in front of pool of water
Posted Mar 16 2023 |

When we accept our "blindness" and vulnerabilities, we start to see God anew.

woman at the well
Posted Mar 10 2023 |

Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well is a remarkable expression of restorative justice.

three tents on a mountain top
Posted Mar 03 2023 |

Let's not let the noisiness of our lives drown out the sound of God's voice.

small plant growing out of cracked desert ground
Posted Feb 24 2023 |

We all experience "desert moments." God will help us through them, if we allow him.

small town illuminating light sky
Posted Feb 21 2023 |

Faith isn't about shining a spotlight on ourselves. We have to cast our light outward, illuminating the dignity of others.

two people holding hands to console one another
Posted Dec 15 2022 |

Jesus came to be present with us. We can embody that presence in our ministry to others.

image of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Posted Dec 12 2022 |

During his time as a prison chaplain, Dr. Arturo Chávez met many "Juan Diegos" — men lost in the darkness of personal shame and systemic injustice.

barbed wire pink sky
Posted Dec 08 2022 |

"Lord, come and save us" is a refrain prayed by crime victims, the incarcerated, and those burdened by our broken criminal legal system.

Statue of Mary and young Jesus
Posted Dec 08 2022 |

Mary is there to comfort any mother who has lost a child — whether to illness, death, or incarceration.

Posted Dec 02 2022 |

God promises a justice far greater than the one offered by our criminal legal system.

man thinking in prison cell
Posted Nov 22 2022 |

If we "stay awake" we may see the Son of Man coming in even the most unlikely of places — like on death row.

women at the empty tomb of Jesus
Posted Apr 16 2022 |

Just as the stone of Jesus' tomb was rolled away to reveal the resurrected Christ, let us work together to remove the stones of oppression and reveal a more just world.

Looking out from the tomb at three crosses
Posted Apr 14 2022 |

Fr. Larry Dowling describes Jesus's tomb as the womb of the Earth: the place in which we must sit with the suffering of the world in order to emerge resurrected.