Posted Dec 16 2020 |

As we reflect upon the examples set by Mary, Elizabeth, and Joseph, how can we emulate their mercy and hope?

Posted Dec 11 2020 |

On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we are reminded of Mary and her shining example of faith in the Lord.

Posted Dec 11 2020 |

En la fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, recordamos a María y su ejemplo brillante de fe en Dios.

Posted Dec 08 2020 |

John the Baptist was called to be a witness to the Lord. How are you being called?

Posted Nov 30 2020 |

How can we proclaim Jesus' message of justice and peace?

Posted Nov 24 2020 |

"We need to be using this time of isolation to recognize that we are the clay within our Potter’s hands; each of us is molded to be a gift to those around us."

Posted Apr 09 2020 |

Today we come together to rejoice, for Jesus has risen from the dead!

Posted Apr 09 2020 |

"Tonight, we celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin, Satan, and death—the three ancient enemies of humankind."

Posted Apr 09 2020 |

"In each place along the journey of Good Friday, we see Jesus profoundly vulnerable to those around him. And yet, Jesus’ vulnerability is not the same as weakness."

Posted Apr 08 2020 |

On the first Holy Thursday, Jesus invited his human, fallible followers to sit at his table—and does the same for us today.