Posted Dec 16 2019 | Conor McBride

How must have Joseph felt upon learning of Mary’s pregnancy — an unlawful offense for which she could have received the death penalty — instead he decided to follow God’s will for reconciliation.

Posted Dec 11 2019 | Hector Avitia

Esta reflexión de La Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe ilumina nuestra dignidad como hijos de Dios especialmente los que están al margen de la sociedad.

Posted Dec 11 2019 | Hector Avitia

This reflection for The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe identifies the God-given dignity to us all – particularly those society has marginalized.

Posted Dec 09 2019 | Fr. Daniel Griffith

For the Third Sunday of Advent — Gaudete Sunday — the Scripture readings begin to shift from “the Lord is coming” to “the Lord is at hand.”

Posted Dec 02 2019 | Sr. Barbara Battista

The readings for the Second Sunday of Advent call us, God’s children, to live in harmony with one another. This unity can only be achieved through the light of Christ.

Posted Nov 25 2019 | Lori Huffman

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, we reflect on how we can live and walk as he did.

Posted Apr 11 2019 | Felix Rosado

Jesus is alive! The Word became flesh, dwelt among us, was executed, and rose on the third day. Let’s Gather. Let’s Build. Let’s Rise.