man thinking in prison cell
Posted Nov 22 2022 |

If we "stay awake" we may see the Son of Man coming in even the most unlikely of places — like on death row.

women at the empty tomb of Jesus
Posted Apr 16 2022 |

Just as the stone of Jesus' tomb was rolled away to reveal the resurrected Christ, let us work together to remove the stones of oppression and reveal a more just world.

Looking out from the tomb at three crosses
Posted Apr 14 2022 |

Fr. Larry Dowling describes Jesus's tomb as the womb of the Earth: the place in which we must sit with the suffering of the world in order to emerge resurrected.

three crosses on a hill, figure of a man standing at the base of one.
Posted Apr 14 2022 |

This Good Friday as we mourn the execution of Christ, we are reminded of all the suffering that is present in our world today. Let this mourning inspire us to action, to fight for the dignity of those whose dignity has been threatened.

last supper
Posted Apr 13 2022 |

At the last supper, Jesus commands us to "love one another as I have loved you." The love of Christ is radical, and invites us to show love even to those who cause us harm.

book of music on piano
Posted Apr 05 2022 |

God has given us each unique gifts and talents. Today we are asked how we will use them for justice.

Fish drawn in sand
Posted Apr 01 2022 |

Brandyn Woodard calls us to mirror Jesus' reconciling approach to harm, welcoming people in rather than casting them aside.

people serving themselves dinner from a full table
Posted Mar 25 2022 |

Fr. Travis Russell, SJ invites us to reflect on who we turn away, and encourages us to mimic Jesus's mercy, excluding no one.

holy family
Posted Mar 19 2022 |

The love and holiness of Joseph flowed through Jesus. This feast day may it flow through us as well.

"...and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God"
Posted Mar 17 2022 |

Ours is a God who promises not only justice, but mercy. Can we say the same of ourselves?

person with arms raised at mountain summit
Posted Mar 10 2022 |

In encountering the stories of people impacted by the criminal legal system, Cristina found herself awakened and transformed.

man bowing head into hands on the ground
Posted Mar 04 2022 |

Jesus' temptation in the desert reminds us that though we are weak, God's mercy and forgiveness abounds.

sacred heart of jesus
Posted Mar 01 2022 |

Murder victims' families and death row exonerees teach us that opportunities for mercy are everywhere — and that Lent is the time to embrace them.

chain breaking into the sun with birds flying away
Posted Dec 16 2021 |

While serving time in prison, Ernie found healing by encountering God and understanding that he is truly loved.

Our Lady of Guadalupe mosaic
Posted Dec 10 2021 |

Our Lady of Guadalupe's commitment to Juan Diego and the Nahua people echoes the joyful promise that is offered in today's Gospel: the coming of a Redeemer who will baptize by fire.

close up of a pink candle with tall flame
Posted Dec 09 2021 |

How can we hold joy while still following the call to repent and prepare the way of the Lord?

Mary and Jesus embracing at the cross
Posted Dec 06 2021 |

Mary's example of strength reminds us of the value that each human has.

A persons reflection in puddle
Posted Dec 01 2021 |

The sister of a murder victim realized that she had to find closure within herself before she could work to repair the harm that had been done to her.

Single purple candle
Posted Nov 25 2021 |

A death row chaplain and his spiritual advisee discuss the meaning of God's mercy.

Statue of the Risen Christ, with the cross on the ground behind him at his feet.
Posted Apr 03 2021 |

Christ is Risen! Alleluia, Alleluia!