Posted Mar 30 2020 |

The Passion of Christ vividly reminds us that Jesus left our world as a condemned prisoner. Jesus endured torture and the humiliation of being stripped—not only of his clothes, but also his human dignity. 

Posted Mar 24 2020 |

What is pressing on our hearts that stops us from seeking redemption? What prevents us from asking for God to make us whole?

Posted Mar 18 2020 |

The statue of St. Joseph sleeping reminds us that our difficulties are sometimes taken care of in the quiet of the night.

Posted Mar 17 2020 |

“I came into this world for judgment, so that those who do not see might see, and those who do see might become blind.” -John 9:39 

Posted Mar 10 2020 |

Fr. Rene Robert believed every life was worth saving—even that of his own murderer.

Posted Mar 03 2020 |

Just as we want to tell our story, get a word in, or share our opinion, so too does God want to talk to us. But we have to give God the chance to speak.

desert sands
Posted Feb 27 2020 |

"In contrast to those who fall victim to temptation, Jesus’ encounter with temptation only strengthened his resolve."

Ashes smeared into cross
Posted Feb 25 2020 |

"This outward mark of my faith opened the door to share my personal belief in God’s mercy that heals the sin-sick soul."

Posted Dec 16 2019 |

How must have Joseph felt upon learning of Mary’s pregnancy — an unlawful offense for which she could have received the death penalty — instead he decided to follow God’s will for reconciliation.

Posted Dec 11 2019 |

Esta reflexión de La Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe ilumina nuestra dignidad como hijos de Dios especialmente los que están al margen de la sociedad.