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Catholic Mobilizing Network Unveils New Website with a Refreshed Brand

Catholic Mobilizing Network has unveiled its new website—an exciting development for the organization which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

CMN’s Executive Director Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy said, “We are thrilled to share Catholic Mobilizing Network’s new look and reinvigorated feel, complete with a refreshed logo and tagline. A careful process of listening, research, and discernment went into creating these new elements of our brand. The process has been one of recommitment to our mission and our deeply held faith, and we are looking forward to inviting others into that as well.”

While you will notice the website has a new look, the mission and ministry of CMN remains steadfast.

‘End the Death Penalty. Advance Justice. Begin Healing.’ There’s no doubt that CMN’s mission is bold, and that’s what makes it so critical. We believe the fresh elements of CMN’s new branding more accurately captures the energy and momentum behind our work to accomplish this bold mission,” says Vaillancourt Murphy.

The launch of CMN’s website is also an opportunity to highlight the organization’s refreshed logo, incorporating three profoundly symbolic elements:

Communion – The symbol of communion in the CMN logo is represented by an inner circle and an outer edge. CMN believes the Sacrament of Holy Communion fosters spiritual healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation, while promoting compassion and right-relationship with God and neighbor. These circle elements signify the power of the collective—a continuous flow of energy and action among individuals and communities with shared values and goals.

Calvary – Represented by the dark space within the logo, Calvary is a place of immense pain, as well as profound redemption, transformation, and love. This is where forgiveness and reconciliation serve as a foundation of CMN’s work toward ending the death penalty, advancing justice, and creating the conditions so that healing might be possible.

Cross – Standing on the foundation of Calvary is the cross, a symbol of sacrifice, redemption, the ultimate act of love, as well as an example of the death penalty in practice. Within the beams of the cross CMN finds its network. The horizontal beam symbolizes the relationship among individuals and the call to love one another, and the vertical beam represents the connection between God and humanity. The vertical beam, void of a top boundary in the logo, signifies traveling together on a path toward God, and following the example of Christ’s selfless love toward others.

CMN’s website boasts a robust resource library, opportunities for formation in restorative practices, online advocacy tools to oppose the death penalty, testimonies from people who are most impacted by the criminal legal system, and so much more. It is first and foremost a tool that empowers tens of thousands of Catholics across the country who join CMN to engage in this life-saving mission to end the death penalty, advance justice, and begin healing.

Explore all that it has to offer, today!

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