Sisters of Divine Providence, Marie de la Roche Province

The Sisters of Divine Providence, impelled by the Spirit of Jesus, commit themselves to co-create a world of compassion, justice, and peace. Guided by the legacy of Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler and Marie de la Roche, they nurture in themselves and in others a trust and confidence in God’s faithful presence. They further commit themselves to making God’s providence more visible in our world.

Death Penalty Statement

In August 2006, the Sisters of Divine Providence, Marie de la Roche Province, confirmed anew their commitment to promote a consistent ethic of life. The Sisters, reflecting God’s compassionate care for the world, are called to hold all life sacred, to promote justice, to seek to advance the cause of all people, especially those in need, and to practice responsible stewardship.

The community promotes a consistent ethic of life through its corporate sponsored ministries: Providence Connections, Inc., which operates the Providence Family Support Center; Room at the Inn in St. Louis serves the homeless, providing programming and safe day/night sites for clients and their children; La Posada Providencia in Texas works with asylum seekers, guiding them through the U.S. immigration process. Their educational ministries – Providence Heights Alpha School, the Sacred Heart Schools, and La Roche College – instill Gospel values in young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow. The Divine Providence Retreat Ministry (Kearns Spirituality Center, Providence Villa) offers opportunity for spiritual renewal.

In addition, Sisters and Associates work for justice daily by serving on committees such as Pennsylvanians Against the Trafficking of Humans, participating in Operation Safety Net, a local group that serves the homeless of Pittsburgh, and holding a weekly Witness for Peace event at Providence Heights. They minister in area nonprofits, serving the most vulnerable among us. They volunteer as tutors, mentors, foster parents, and caregivers.

In prayer and deed, the Sisters of Divine Providence commit themselves to the protection of life through the eradication of war, poverty, racism, abortion, capital punishment and euthanasia. The Sisters invite you to join them in their commitment to make God’s providence more visible in the world.

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