Sisters of Mercy, Northeast Community

The Sisters of Mercy are an international community of women religious who vow to serve people who suffer from poverty, sickness and a lack of education with a special concern for women and children. Inspired by the Gospel and following the tradition of Catherine McAuley, the first Sister of Mercy, they seek to meet the needs of people who are poor to empower them to achieve lives of dignity.

Death Penalty Statement 

As Sisters of Mercy of the Northeast Community, Associates and Companions:

We believe in the value of human life and are committed to a Gospel stance of nonviolence.

We recognize the need to develop ways to address the roots of violence and believe that the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime.

We understand that capital punishment is administered inequitably and discriminates against people who are poor, uneducated, mentally ill and of different races.

We support the families of victims and the development of alternatives to the death penalty.


We, the Sisters and Associates of Mercy of the Americas Northeast Community, oppose the death penalty.

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