Paths of Renewed Encounter

A Restorative Justice Engagement Guide for Catholic Communities

With this guide, you will explore the foundational concepts and practical considerations for restorative justice engagement in your Catholic ministry or community. 

Paths of Renewed Encounter invites individuals and groups to embrace healing approaches to crime, harm, and injustice while reflecting on the unique ways that Catholic ministries and teachings can shepherd processes that transform relationships, communities, and systems. It draws on the experience of a wide array of contributors, the prophetic call of Pope Francis’ latest encyclical, “Fratelli Tutti,” and the well-known pastoral cycle for social action. 

Catholic Mobilizing Network hopes the tools and perspectives gathered here may complement the abundance of resources and lived wisdom already invigorating the restorative justice movement nationwide.

This resource will be most directly applicable to: 

  • Life, peace, and justice ministries in Catholic parishes and dioceses
  • Ministerial groups concerned about crime, victimization, incarceration, and re-entry
  • Catholic organizations and direct service agencies
  • Religious communities, chaplains, and those involved in faith formation activities

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