Fridays hold special significance in the Catholic tradition.  Christ was crucified on a Friday, and first Friday devotions have been observed for hundreds of years.  At the center of these devotions is the recognition that people deeply desire to be drawn closer to and learn from the Sacred Heart of Christ, which is full of love and mercy for humanity.

As a way to bring Christ’s mercy to the broken system of capital punishment, Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) has initiated Faith and Action First Fridays.  Each month, CMN will feature timely and impactful educational materials, prayers, and advocacy actions for that month.  Your prayers and actions will join with the thousands of actions made by people around the country. We know that we are stronger together.  May our collective actions draw us nearer to Christ’s Sacred Heart and the Church’s teaching that every person has God-given dignity.


CMN's Prayer for Mercy

God of mercy,
Help us to remember your loving compassion as we go forward to spread your message of mercy.
Your mercy is your justice, O God, allow our hearts to be open to your grace as we work for justice.
Teach us to live as credible witnesses to mercy, professing it and living it as the core of the revelation of Jesus Christ.
Allow us to be vessels for your mercy, so as to heal the broken and welcome the outcast.
May we never tire of extending mercy, and be ever patient in offering compassion without end:
“But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners’” (MT 9:13).