University of St. Thomas School of Law

Save the Date! October 5–7, 2023

University of St. Thomas School of Law
Minneapolis, Minnesota

2023 Theme: “Journeying Toward Restoration” 

Co-hosted by Catholic Mobilizing Network and the Initiative on Restorative Justice and Healing at University of St. Thomas School of Law, this year’s National Catholic Conference on Restorative Justice takes on the theme of “Journeying Toward Restoration.”

Ever aware of past and ongoing violations of dignity and relationships, “Journeying Toward Restoration” signifies renewed promise for restorative justice as a vessel for human flourishing both within and beyond the institutional Church.

Join us to build relationships, knowledge, and skills for engaging restorative justice practices in light of Catholic tradition and experience. 

About the Conference

The bi-annual National Catholic Conference on Restorative Justice from Catholic Mobilizing Network brings together Catholic ministry leaders, academic and legal professionals, restorative justice practitioners, and people directly impacted by harm, crime, and incarceration to build capacity within communities and the Church to advance healing approaches to harm, crime, and injustice.

Focal Areas

The Twin Cities, home to this year's conference, is a locus of many national and ecclesial wounds.

Against this backdrop, conference attendees will participate in prayer, keynote presentations, workshops, restorative practices, and resource sharing as they seek to chart paths of renewed encounter and opportunities for human flourishing in the following areas: