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Using This Guide

CMN created this engagement guide to help Catholic communities in the U.S. recognize how restorative justice approaches are a lived expression of Catholic social teaching principles.

This guide also seeks to show how restorative practices can make space for the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to enliven Catholic ministries, institutions, and local communities. 

Due to CMN’s missional grounding in ending the death penalty, this tool draws on language and examples relative to the U.S. criminal legal system and Catholic ministry. However, the creators recognize and hope that its content may be transferable and/or complementary to other settings and applications.

This resource will be most directly applicable to: 

  • Life, peace, and justice ministries in Catholic parishes and dioceses.

  • Ministerial groups concerned about crime, victimization, incarceration, and re-entry.

  • Catholic organizations and direct service agencies.

  • Religious communities, chaplains, and those involved in faith formation activities.



Reflection Questions

1. What questions do you bring to reading this resource?  
2. What is your hope with engaging restorative justice more deeply?