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Catholic Social Teaching

Rooted in Scripture and the rich tradition of our faith, Catholic Social Teaching is a guide for how to live as a people of justice and mercy. Learn more about how restorative justice and capital punishment respectively serve to uphold or violate the principles of Catholic social thought.

CMN's Books

CMN has published a series of books examining Catholic teaching on capital punishment and our faith-based call to restorative justice. Order a copy for yourself to read during Respect Life Month, or share with those in a parish small group or reading group for communal reflection.

Featured Book: Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity: A Catholic Encounter with Restorative Justice

Where Justice and Mercy Meet: Catholic Opposition to the Death Penalty
Redemption and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Restorative Justice
Death Penalty and Discipleship: A Faith Formation Guide

CMN's Book List

Browse CMN's collection of titles that dive into issues of capital punishment and restorative justice. Use the book list as a solo guide, or as a tool to help your parish or community reading group engage with these issues at a deeper level. Download here >>