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These following one-page resources outline the history of Catholic opposition to the death penalty and our failed system of capital punishment in the U.S.

To download a specific resource, click on the image or title.

Standing for Life Handout preview

Standing for Life: Our Catholic Faith and the Death Penalty

The Catholic Church has long supported efforts to end the death penalty; the last three popes urged its abolition worldwide. (Also available in Spanish.)

Race and the death penalty handout preview

Racism and the Death Penalty: Compounding Systems of Dehumanization

The racist roots and rampant discrimination of the U.S. death penalty system exacerbates the ways capital punishment already denies human beings of their God-given dignity.

Death penalty abolition momentum preview

Capital Punishment in the U.S. and Momentum Toward Abolition

The U.S. has seen intensifying momentum toward national death penalty abolition in recent years, including state-based repeal efforts, waning public support, and declining execution and death sentencing rates.

Federal Death Penalty Handout preview

The Federal Death Penalty: What All Catholics Need to Know

Catholics have a vital role to play in efforts to abolish the federal death penalty. Find out how you can take action.

Just Mercy Study Guide preview

Just Mercy Catholic Study Guide

Based on the bestselling book, Just Mercy presents the stunning true story of Walter McMillian, a Black man wrongly convicted and sentenced to death in 1980s Alabama. Use CMN's Catholic study guide for reflection questions, prayers, and supplementary resources related to the film.