Catholic Mobilizing Network Lauds Denunciation of Death Penalty in “Fratelli Tutti”

In “Fratelli Tutti,” the latest papal encyclical released by Pope Francis on Oct. 4 on the topic of "fraternity and social friendship," the Holy Father makes an unequivocal reaffirmation of the inadmissibility of capital punishment in the eyes of the Catholic Church. “There can be no stepping back from this position,” Pope Francis writes.

Virtual Conference to Expand Catholic Engagement with Restorative Justice

(Washington, DC) Catholic Mobilizing Network is pleased to announce a first-ever 3-day event, Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity: An All-Virtual Catholic Conference on Restorative Justice, to take place on October 27, 29, and 31 in collaboration with the University of San Diego Center for Restorative Justice and the Catholic Diocese of San Diego.

“Pro-life values are meaningless when inconsistent”: Catholic Mobilizing Network Responds to President’s Death Penalty Comments

(Washington, D.C.) President Donald Trump made an appearance Monday on EWTN’s The World Over to talk about a variety of issues, including capital punishment. “I am totally in favor of the death penalty for heinous crimes,” he said — a sentence immediately followed by, “I am pro-life.”