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For Immediate Release: May 5, 2023
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A statement from Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy, Executive Director of Catholic Mobilizing Network, on the recent stay of execution for Richard Glossip:

“We give thanks to God that Richard Glossip has been granted a temporary stay of execution, and we pray the Supreme Court decides to formally take up his case. 

Mr. Glossip’s story has captured the nation’s attention because it shines a spotlight on so much of the brokenness in our death penalty system. Oklahoma legislators and even the state attorney general have said that there isn’t enough evidence to uphold Mr. Glossip’s conviction and death sentence. Mr. Glossip never received a fair trial, and has maintained a strong innocence claim for all 25 years he’s spent on death row. His case shows how arbitrarily death sentences are handed down, with the undisputed killer, Mr. Glossip’s co-defendant, receiving a life sentence compared to Mr. Glossip’s sentence of death. 

Mr. Glossip’s case also lays bare the unbelievable cruelty of capital punishment. He has faced nine different execution dates over the years — an unthinkable number. On three occasions, he has eaten his last meal, said his goodbyes, and come within hours of losing his life.

Richard Glossip should not be put to death — not on May 18, not ever. It’s important for all of us to learn from Mr. Glossip’s story and see that no state should have the power to take the lives of its citizens. As we see in Mr. Glossip’s case, the system is too broken, too cruel, too disrespectful of human dignity.

Our Church teaches that all human life is sacred, regardless of innocence or guilt. There is no place for the death penalty in that vision of a consistent ethic of life.”


Catholic Mobilizing Network is a national organization that mobilizes Catholics and all people of goodwill to value life over death, to end the death penalty, to transform the U.S. criminal justice system from punitive to restorative, and to build capacity in U.S. society to engage in restorative practices.

CMN works in close collaboration with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and lives the Spirit of Unity of its sponsor, the Congregation of St. Joseph.

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