You probably want to be remembered for the difference you made in the lives of others — for the legacy you will leave behind. Catholic Mobilizing Network invites you to consider leaving a Legacy of Life through a bequest or planned gift to CMN. These gifts allow you to defer your charitable gift until after your lifetime and while also making a life-affirming impact.

Your Will or Living Trust

Your will or living trust can create a Legacy of Life by helping to end the death penalty and promote restorative justice. The following descriptions of bequest types can help you plan, but please also consult an attorney:

Residual Bequests leave the residue of your estate after you have provided for  other beneficiaries. "I give and bequeath the residue of my estate to Catholic Mobilizing Network for its general charitable purposes."
Percentage Bequests leave a fixed percentage of your estate. "I give and bequeath ___% (enter specific percentage) of the total value of my estate to Catholic Mobilizing Network for its general charitable purposes."
General Bequests leave specific assets of your estate. "I give and bequeath the sum of $___ (or specific property such as stocks, real estate, etc.) to Catholic Mobilizing Network for its general charitable purposes."

Other Creative Ways to Give Now and in the Future

Your financial resources and investment can be used in creative ways to build a Legacy of Life:

Charitable IRA Distributions: Individuals over 70 1/2 years old may contribute up to $100,000 to charities as part of their minimum distribution requirement. If you are able to take advantage of this giving mechanism, make sure that the check is sent directly from your IRA to Catholic Mobilizing Network.
Gifts of Stock: Donations of appreciated stock held for at least one year can be deducted as charitable contributions at full market value. CMN accepts securities through both electronic transfer and paper certificates. For electronic securities donations, please contact CMN at (202) 541-5290 or by email. 
Make CMN Your Beneficiary: You can make CMN the beneficiary of your retirement plans, life insurance, or charitable remainder trust (CRT). Each of these mechanisms can also have significant tax benefits for you and your family.