Advancing Justice & Healing

Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and given the opportunity to transform hurt and suffering into healing, redemption, and wholeness.

What is restorative justice?

Restorative justice is a voluntary and safe process that brings together people affected by harm.

The process allows all participants to understand the impacts of the harmful action — and what is needed to make things right. It can be a transformative and healing experience.

“There is a need for paths of peace to heal open wounds. There is also a need for peacemakers, men and women prepared to work boldly and creatively to initiate processes of healing and renewed encounter.”

– Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti

Why choose restorative justice?

Restorative justice offers principles and practices that benefit:

Those harmed

Restorative justice centers the needs of those harmed in a way that can create the conditions for healing to begin.

Those who’ve caused harm

Restorative justice offers those who’ve caused harm an opportunity to accept accountability and initiate repair.

The community

Restorative justice gives the community a role in responding to harm and accompanying others on their healing journeys.

A Catholic Perspective

Restorative justice aligns with Catholic social teaching by recognizing that every person has inherent dignity and the right to be part of processes and systems that impact them.

By offering ways to repair harm and rebuild damaged relationships, restorative justice can help Catholics live out their faith and follow Jesus’s reconciling way.

Become an Agent of Restoration

Join the growing movement of Catholics and people of goodwill who are discovering, embracing, and promoting restorative justice.

Take a close look at the U.S. criminal legal system through the eyes of those most impacted by it on CMN’s restorative justice podcast hosted by Caitlin Morneau.

Discover our range of experiential events designed for restorative justice newcomers, seasoned ministry practitioners, and everyone in between.

Curious about bringing restorative practices to your Catholic parish or ministry group? Discover CMN’s “Conversations in Communion: Parish Dialogues for Connection and Understanding.”

CMN’s RJ Ministry Community of Practice is a virtual network for ministry leaders to connect with one another, deepen their knowledge of restorative justice, and build skills for implementing restorative practices. Community members belong to an email listserv, where they can share resources and hear about special community events.

Explore CMN’s robust resource library to learn about the principles of restorative justice, its applications in ministry, and more.


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