CMN empowers Catholics to champion legislative death penalty repeal through a strategic blend of education, advocacy, and prayer. Here’s how we do it.

How We Advocate

Research shows that nearly 80% of Catholics are open to supporting legislation to abolish the death penalty. Yet many are unsure of where to begin their advocacy journey. CMN addresses this gap by strategically engaging Catholics in regions where the death penalty persists, advancing repeal legislation through a multifaceted approach of education, advocacy, and prayer.

We play a central role in state and federal repeal campaigns, collaborating closely with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, state Catholic conferences, local dioceses, religious communities, and secular abolition groups. Together, we form a strong, unified Catholic voice calling for abolition.

At both the state and federal level, you’ll find us:

  • Organizing prayer vigils, press events, webinars, and speaking tours
  • Developing resources for parishes, dioceses, and other faith communities
  • Connecting key players, like Church leaders and abolition movement organizers
  • Amplifying Catholic abolition work in the media

Why Catholic Mobilization Matters

Mobilizing Catholics isn’t just an act of faith; it’s a strategic investment. The national anti-death penalty movement recognizes Catholics as a critical force due to their substantial size and moral influence. In states like Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, and Texas, where the death penalty still exists, the Catholic population is large, and its voice holds significant sway. Catholics are also well-represented in public office at all levels of government, and can rightly be influenced by faith-rooted arguments against the death penalty.

Catholic advocacy has catalyzed enormous progress in the abolition movement in recent years. Since CMN was founded in 2009, nine new states have abolished the death penalty. Today, a majority of states (29) have now either formally outlawed capital punishment or paused executions by executive action.

The Impact of Catholic Advocacy

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