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Take a sneak peek at this prayer featured in Catholic Mobilizing Network's new faith formation guide, Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity, available May 2019. 


"Lord, I am a broken person. In my humanity, I have

sinned, against you and against others. My actions have

consequences beyond what I can fully know, and beyond

what I may feel able to admit in this moment.


Help me to take responsibility for my actions. As I recall the past and

look to the future, give me the courage to seek forgiveness

from those I have harmed.


When confronted with the pain I have caused others, help me to listen with humility and

do what I can to make it right again. In my brokenness,

give me courage to encounter others who have caused harm

with compassion and to seek justice and mercy in the path

to redemption." 

(Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity; Chapter 3 "When we Cause Harm", Page 30)

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