Respect Life Month Social Media Resources

CMN has prepared social media tools to help spread, to assist you in your efforts to advocate for the dignity of ALL life. We've created several suggested tweets and social media graphics for use on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Created to lift up these efforts during Respect Life Month, these social media tools can be adjusted and used anytime to help amplify the call to end the death penalty. 

California Fact Sheet

CMN created brief one page information sheets that shares Catholic Teaching and state-specific information on the death penalty.  These are designed to educate Catholics, serve as  bulletin inserts, handouts or for those attending diocesan or parish advocacy days in your state. 

Small Group Facilitation Guide

Many of Catholic Mobilizing Network’s resources rely on strong small group facilitation strategies. Successful group facilitation is not the easiest or most intuitive process for many people. Those that do it well have often developed their skills over years of facilitating many types of groups. For those relatively new to group facilitation or someone looking for new ideas our “Facilitator’s Guide” presents tips for facilitators as well as practical ground rules for group discussion.