Tell Gov. Kasich not to resume executions in Ohio!

 After three years without an execution, Ohio is set to resume executions on July 26th. With 27 executions scheduled for the next 4 years, urgent action must be taken to stand for life. Governor Kasich has the authority to stop these planned executions. Now more than ever, you can take a stand for life and tell Ohio that the death penalty is a broken system of justice that causes more harm than healing.  

Mercy In Action Project

CMN’s Mercy in Action Project seeks to promote clemency for those facing imminent execution. By joining the Mercy in Action Project you will receive monthly alerts with information on upcoming executions and tools to advocate for clemency in those cases as well as prayerful resources.

Tell your Legislators to End the Death Penalty!

Your legislators have the authority to propose and support legislation which would repeal the death penalty from your state. The death penalty does not serve as a deterrent, it risks innocent lives and costs tax payers millions of dollars more than life without parole. More importantly, it is an egregious act against the dignity of the human person and is against Pro-Life values. CMN is calling on all people of good will to voice their support for death penalty repeal legislation.