Using Your Voice to End the Death Penalty

Letters to the Editor (LTE) are critical tools for advocacy, especially when it comes to ending the death penalty. Short and easy to write, they are effective at shaping public opinion and shifting narratives on contemporary issues. Most importantly, they provide a platform for advocates like YOU to speak out on the issues they care about.

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About the Webinar

This webinar (broadcasted on September 12th, 2019) offers Catholics and people of faith the tools they need to amplify the call for death penalty abolition with high-impact LTEs. Led by an expert in death penalty messaging and strategy, the webinar highlights:

  • Ways to leverage LTEs to advocate against the death penalty on both the federal and state level
  • Reasons why voices of faith are increasingly important in the abolition movement
  • Methods for crafting targeted LTE messaging (with the help of tailored examples) along with tips and tricks for increased publication
  • Suggestions for how to utilize social media to expand an LTE's reach

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