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Robert Long

The state of Florida plans to execute Robert "Bobby Joe" Long on Thursday, May 23, 2019 for the murders of eight women in Tampa, Florida throughout the 1980s. Take action NOW and send a letter to Governor DeSantis to stop this execution.

New Hampshire Capitol Building

Live in New Hampshire? Take action NOW and urge your legislators to override Governor Sunnunu's veto and end the death penalty!

Front-facing image of Louisiana Capitol Building

Live in Louisiana? Contact your state Representative NOW and ask them to pass HB 215 - a bill that would end the death penalty in your state!

“The death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person.” (CCC 2267)

Sarah Noltner

More than 25,000 Catholics and people of faith have already pledged to educate, advocate, and pray for an end to the death penalty. Will you answer the call?

CMN’s Mercy in Action Project gives YOU the tools you need to promote clemency for those on death row. Sign up today to start receiving monthly execution alerts.

Your Governor has the authority to sign a death penalty repeal bill and make it the law of your state.

This faith formation guide invites groups and individuals to reflect upon the Catholic call to restorative justice.

Responding to Pope Francis' call to mercy and encounter, this book is an invitation to consider our individual responses to harm, our communal responses to crime and how our criminal justice system falls short of promoting human dignity, hope and healing. Through scripture, personal stories, and eye-opening facts, each chapter encourages prayerful contemplation about ways to prioritize human dignity and the common good when responding to crime, incarceration and the use of the death penalty in the United States.

CMN's book list includes some of our favorite selections covering both the death penalty and restorative justice. Use this list as a guide to learn more about these topics, or as a tool to help your parish or community reading group engage with these issues at a deeper level. 

Follow the link below to learn why these murder victim family members speak out against the death penalty. 

David Matzko McCarthy’s Death Penalty and Discipleship is a faith formation resource to help communities and individuals reflect more deeply on capital punishment.

By: Emma Tacke, Associate Director of Community Engagement

Text: We Can End the Death Penalty, Image: Map of U.S. with Key states highlighted

Ending the death penalty is within reach! From Colorado to New Hampshire, 2019 holds several important opportunities to advance our cause. Download CMN's latest resource to stay up-to-date on the key states poised for death penalty repeal in the new year and ways that you can take action.

Learn a little bit more about capital punishment in the U.S., and how it relies on factors like race, income, geography, and mental illness to target marginalized groups.

As a companion to their 2018 pastoral letter, Open Wide Our Hearts, the USCCB offers this helpful factsheet explaining the relationship between racism and our criminal justice system.

The Catholic Church has long supported alternatives to capital punishment. Click to download this one pager which outlines the history of Catholic opposition to the death penalty and how to create a more restorative path forward.

Download this letter from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and learn how all people of goodwill are called to address the evil of racism. As you read, contemplate how the most egregious example of our broken criminal justice system - the death penalty - reflects the racial discrimination and bias we are called as Catholics to dismantle.

Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) celebrates today’s revision of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to say that, in all cases, the death penalty is “inadmissible” (Revised Catechism of the Catholic Church 2267).

Catholic Social Teaching brings the teachings of Jesus and his call to discipleship to the larger societal conversation of social justice. This infographic highlights the ways in which the continued use of the death penalty violates our call to live as a people of life. 

Commonly seen as a justification for the use the death penalty, the Old Testament command "Eye for an Eye" is often misunderstood. This infographic breaks down this scripture passage and connects it to the larger call for justice and mercy seen throughout both the Old and New Testaments. 

This resource contains different Bible passages and guiding questions to explore the Bible's teaching on the death penalty and restorative justice. 

Help to educate your parish or community with this set of 6 short bulletin articles focusing on Catholic Social Teaching and the Death Penalty. The articles cover different aspects of Catholic Social Teaching as it applies to the death penalty.

Rooted in both scripture and the rich tradition of our faith, Catholic Social Teaching is a guide for  how to live as a people of justice and mercy.

 This document contains several pro-death penalty dialogues and a pro-life response. This can help prepare you for a conversation with a colleague who supports the death penalty. 

This film list is a resource of CMN's favorite movies and documentaries concerning the death penalty and restorative justice. Explore these titles as introductions to the topics, talking points for discussion, or as a tool for study within a community.

Check out the recording and download the PowerPoint of CMN's latest webinar: Building a Culture of Life: End the Death Penalty and Promote Restorative Justice. Watch the webinar and learn:

Join Msgr Stuart Swetland, Fr. George Williams SJ, and Vicki Schieber for part two of a conversation about CMN, our work, and the current state of the movement to end the death penalty and promote restorative justice. 

Join Msgr Stuart Swetland, Fr. George Williams SJ, and Vicki Schieber for a conversation about CMN, our work, and the current state of the movement to end the death penalty and promote restorative justice. 

Working with journalist Andrea Acosta, CMN’s Sr. Ilaria Buonriposi produces a weekly podcast addressing the Church’s position on the death penalty or restorative justice in three versions (30 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes).

Working with journalist Andrea Acosta, CMN’s Sr. Ilaria Buonriposi produces a weekly podcast addressing the Church’s position on the death penalty or restorative justice in three versions (30 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes).

Who Would Jesus Execute? #HopeOverDeath

Attending the March for Life? (Or know someone who is?) Carry this sign with you to affirm your commitment to upholding the dignity of ALL human life. 

This powerful promotional flyer is perfect for use at your parish, school, or community center. Pulling on themes from CMN's 2018 Respect Life Month Toolkit, this flyer is a great way to start the conversation around our call to build a culture of life and end the death penalty. 

St. Joseph and Jesus

This prayer is in honor of the May 1st Feast Day of St. Joseph. Catholic Mobilizing Network is a sponsored ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph.

Dios misericordioso,

Tú donas a cada ser humano una dignidad imprescindible que no puede ser eliminada por 
lo que éste  haya echo o sufrido. 

Estas oraciones de los fieles subrayan nuestro llamado a ser defensores de TODA vida.

Inspired by the need for mercy in our society, this prayer vigil includes reflections on scripture and intersections for all those in need of healing.

The culture of life we seek is built on a foundation of prayer. The Holy Hour of Mercy is a resource that guides you through an hour of praying for life and an end to the death penalty. Prayers in this hour include the St. Michael Prayer, The Divine Mercy Chaplet, and a Litany for Life.

Intended for use before or on the day of an execution, CMN's Prayer Vigil for an Execution calls all to reflect on the themes of forgiveness and mercy in the face of the death penalty.

Journey the way of the cross while meditating on the need to end the death penalty and promote restorative justice. This special death penalty themed Stations of the Cross will give you the opportunity to meditate on the many complex and unjust realities of the death penalty while journeying with Christ on his passion.

“Nuestra Señora de la Vida,” written by Petra Alexander, is a Spanish language monologue which is a perfect tool to open up dialogue about life issues from the perspective of a young Latino American.

Cover of 2019 Lenten Reflections packet; image of a large crucifix in a field; text says 2019 Lenten Reflections

Catholic Mobilizing Network invites you to pray along with us this Lenten season. For each week of Lent, we offer a special reflection to guide your spiritual preparation for the death and resurrection of Christ. 

Catholic Mobilizing Network invites you into prayerful reflection and hopeful anticipation this Advent season. For each week of Advent, we offer a special reflection to guide your preparation for the coming of Christ.

A compilation of all four weekly reflections is available for download here.

Want to write a letter to the editor (LTE) but not sure where to start? Look no further! CMN's step-by-step guide will teach you everything you need to know about writing and submitting an LTE.

This October, the Catholic Church across the United States will observe Respect Life Month. This is a time when we are invited to renew our dedication to lifting up the inherent, God-given dignity of all human life.

Take the National Catholic Pledge to End the Death Penalty today and start building a culture of life.

#Pledge4Mercy at:

Take the National Catholic Pledge to End the Death Penalty today and start building a culture of life. #Pledge4Mercy

Catholic Mobilizing Network Catechism Revision Video Pope Francis

On August 2, 2018, Pope Francis made a historic revision to the Catechism of the Catholic Church which declared the death penalty "inadmissible" in all cases.

With this comprehensive resource, you don't need to be an expert to explore the death penalty issue in your school, parish, or community. Use our beautiful Prezi presentation and slide-by-slide Facilitator Guide to explore the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of ​all ​life and the social justice issues that surround the death penalty.

This intergenerational, interactive gathering is intended for parish or school communities who would like to start a shared conversation on the consistent ethic of life with parents, grandparents, children, siblings, etc.

Through scripture, prayer and conversation, this group reflection takes participants on a journey down the road of justice, mercy and forgiveness. While particularly appropriate for Lent, this examination of the story of Dismas is an appropriate resource for exploring the theme of true mercy during the jubilee year.

"Where Justice & Mercy Meet - A Retreat Experience for Teens" has been produced by Wayne Hipley and Anna Bradley to introduce high school-age youth to basic concepts and ideas of Catholic Church teaching as it relates to the death penalty, restorative justice, mercy and forgiveness.