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CMN’s Restorative Justice (RJ) Ministry Communities of Practice are virtual gatherings that build skills, relationships, and capacity for restorative ministry. Sign up to stay informed about these offerings:

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Space for Learning, Connection, and Growth

Restorative justice is an approach to crime and harm that seeks healing, rather than vengeance. Where people and relationships are violated, restorative practices include those impacted by harm in voluntary processes aimed to address needs, build understanding, and make amends, to move forward in the spirit of right relationship.

These paths of renewed encounter can be winding, bumpy, and at times… uncharted. But we need not make the journey alone! 

During the virtual evening Deepening Circles and day-long Discernment Retreats, you will: 

  • Deepen understanding of restorative justice in light of Catholic teaching
  • Learn new skills and tools to hold restorative conversations in your community
  • Build relationships of accompaniment with fellow RJ ministers
  • Navigate core questions and challenges of implementing restorative practices

For whom?

CMN’s RJ Ministry Communities of Practice events are intended for those who already have basic orientation or introductory ministry experience with restorative justice, and now seek practical tools and relational supports for implementing restorative practices.

Just getting started with restorative justice? Join us for an Intro to Restorative Justice workshop!

Upcoming Events:

Event Descriptions

Discernment Retreats

Through these day-long virtual retreats, you will gain clarity and direction for implementing restorative practices in your area of ministry. Accompanied by experienced practitioners and guided by tools in the Paths of Renewed Encounter restorative justice engagement guide, each discernment retreat will focus on a specific way to incorporate restorative practices within ministry or parish life. 

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Deepening Circles

In these bi-monthly virtual workshops, you will practice skills and learn tools that strengthen restorative justice engagement in your community. Bring your experiences, questions, and favorite resources for mutual learning. 

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Affinity Areas

Within each event, participants are invited gather with ministry leaders from similar areas of restorative justice practice. The following Affinity Areas are not exhaustive, but represent the places where the Church and its members are most actively implementing restorative practices. 

  • Alternatives to Incarceration - supporting pre-sentencing diversion efforts emerging throughout the country that aim to keep young people out of prison. 
  • Community-Supported Reintegration - creating parish-based environments for support and accountability with people who are formerly incarcerated. 
  • Victim-Survivor Accompaniment - walking alongside individuals and communities who are directly or indirectly impacted by crime and incarceration.  
  • Courageous Conversations - holding brave and healing conversations around difficult and harm-laden topics including racial injustice and institutional harm. 

To learn more about these opportunities in ministry, visit Paths of Renewed Encounter.