Social Media Policy

Part of the mission of Catholic Mobilizing Network is to educate Catholics about the Church’s pro-life teaching and restorative justice practices. This distribution of information on our social media platforms is a way for us to help keep our followers informed about relevant topics. 

We utilize material from a variety of sources, faith-based and secular. The sharing of these materials does not mean that CMN wholeheartedly agrees with the author or organizations that created them. We do reserve the right to share information to allow our followers to better understand the context of significant issues.

CMN enjoys your involvement with us on all of our social media platforms. There are, however, instances where interactions are deemed unsuitable for supporting CMN’s mission. We reserve the sole right to review and delete any posts, tweets, or uploads third parties make to our social media accounts that we deem inappropriate in our sole discretion including, but not limited to, posts or communications that:

  • Are spammy;
  • Contain vulgarity;
  • Contain hate speech;
  • Promote third party websites or apps;
  • Promote business services or products;
  • Promote discrimination against others;
  • Consist of personal attacks on others; or
  • Consist of defamatory statements.

Feel free to contact us via email at  if you have any questions or to notify us of someone doing something that doesn’t seem right on one of our accounts.