In the Catholic Church in the United States, pastoral statements are offered by individual bishops in particular dioceses, state Catholic conferences of bishops, regional synods of bishops, or the national conference (USCCB) when seeking to apply universal church teaching to particular circumstances or issues. In the case of the death penalty, U.S. bishops have often been strong anti-death penalty advocates for persons sentenced to be executed.  The list below includes more recent pastoral and state conference statements relating to Catholic teaching on the death penalty and its application to particular laws and state-sponsored executions.

A Statement by the Catholic Bishops of New Jersey on the 10th Anniversary of the Elimination of the Death Penalty in New Jersey

10 years ago on December 17, 2007, New Jersey was the first state in 40 years to abolish the death penalty. Read the statement below from New Jersey Bishops commemorating this important anniversary.

A Statement by the Catholic Bishops of New Jersey

South Carolina Bishop Voices Opposition to Death Penalty in High Profile Case

In early 2017, after sentence decisions were met for the infamous AME Church shooter, Dylann Roof, were made, Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone came out with a with a pastoral statement speaking about mercy, forgiveness and the Church's opposition to capital punishment. A part of Bishop Guglielmone's statement is read as follows:

Ohio Bishop Urges Governor to Uphold the Sacredness of All Life in Letter to Diocese

In December 2016, Bishop Thomas of Toledo, Ohio, wrote a letter to his diocese urging all to advocate for the sacredness of all life. In it, he urges advocacy to see the abolition of the death penalty in Ohio. Also, Bishop Thomas calls on the Governor to end executions and support death penalty repeal legislation. In short, the letter says: